Single Strand Exchange with Fatigue & Tensile Tests at Laboratory

Exceptional inspection after extreme events

Modern stay cable systems based on parallel individually corrosion protected strands, allow the exchange of individual strands.

At such systems, single strands can be either removed or replaced with simultaneous installation of a new strand and carefully inspected.

Such inspection is recommended after extreme events, such as fires, earthquakes or excessive cable vibrations or if other inspection method has shown irregularities regarding corrosion or wire fractures.

  • Visual inspection at full length for fractures or corrosion from wedge to wedge

  • Fatigue and subsequent tensile tests of short strand sections at laboratory to check residual fatigue performance and tensile strength

  • Pre-investigations for decision making if full cable replacement is required


  • Repair of cable after extreme events (impacts, fire) by partial or full replacement of individual strands one by one by keeping the anchorages and the stay pipe in place

  • Installation of additional strands at anchorages without full occupancy of strands

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