Monitoring Solutions for Stay Cable

A complete picture of your asset through continuous monitoring.

Since 1999, we have designed new and retrofitted monitoring schemes to gather information for short-term assessments and long-term performance predictions. This data can be used to evaluate real behaviour and plan follow-up inspections, if required.

While a single bridge monitoring scheme may feature 100 to 500 sensors, we actively manage 650+ monitoring schemes with over 31,200 individual sensors reporting on different frequencies around the world— that’s 11 million individual measurements daily and > 4 billion each year in all kinds of structures.

From design, construction, and operations, we can monitor every phase of your bridge’s lifespan. We provide real-time data and actionable insights for you to make informed decisions by tracking physical and functional characteristics. This enables you to plan service models, and structural work, and helps you decide if a bridge lifespan can be prolonged.

Typical parameters include movement, displacement, loads & environmental factors. Critical Conditions – Detected at an Early Stage – Save Costs and Improve Safety

Configure a high-quality monitoring scheme

To mitigate risk by tracking temperature, weather, impact, and movement. We’ll incorporate any special access issues, specialist requirements, measurement frequency, and detailed reporting. And we’ll likely use our robotic technology for comprehensive installation and service delivery.

Implement an early response alarm system

Based on agreed protocols with clear alerts. This escalating alarm system is supported by real time updates and a 24/7 rapid  response team. By pinpointing the exact sensor, this system identifies the particular issue, saving crucial time and resources.

Get real-time data about the bridge

Our bridge management system processes and records billions of data points every 30 seconds from our sensors and 3rd party data sources—i.e. video footage, weather feeds, inspection reports, photos & 3D renderings—and then presents critical information in an easy to interpret information hub. A cloud connection between you and your bridge.

Run intelligent cross platform reporting

In real-time from any device, helping you track and identify reactive and proactive mitigation issues. With personalized stakeholder views, we serve up the information you need.

DYNA FORCE® Monitoring System

The DYNA Force® Monitoring System measures the force in steel bars and strands during construction and service life. This structural health monitoring system for cable stayed and overdosed bridges is currently used in over 85 projects worldwide

  • Based on the elasto-magnetic properties of ferromagnetic materials

  • No overloading of sensor, no mechanical wear

  • Resistant against dust, humidity, shock

  • Permanent monitoring of post-tensioning forces in steel tendons

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