Monitoring & Survey of Tendons in Existing Structures

Comprehensive range of monitoring and surveying solutions to ensure the safety and reliability of post-tensioned structures.

Our team works closely with structural engineers to develop custom monitoring solutions tailored to the needs of each project. We can supply and install a variety of monitoring devices such as load cells, elasto-magnetic sensors for force measurement (DYNA Force®), and standard sensors for temperature, strain, acceleration, inclination, and more. Our local certified partners ensure the proper electrical connection of all sensors, and we can integrate them into a global monitoring system for easy data logging and analysis. Maintenance and servicing of monitoring systems during the operation period can also be provided.

We also offer a range of survey and inspection services to maintain the integrity of post-tensioned structures. For bonded tendons, we evaluate the grouting condition, perform endoscopy of tendons, and vacuum grout insufficiently grouted tendons. For internal unbonded tendons, we determine the stressing forces through lift-off tests and provide restressing services. For external tendons, we offer visual inspection, condition inspection by robot-assisted non-destructive MI test, and determine stressing forces through lift-off tests and vibration measurement. We can also restress and replace tendons, and retrofit elastomagnetic sensors to ensure the safety and longevity of post-tensioned structures.

  • Ensure the long-term performance of existing structures with expert preparation of monitoring solutions in collaboration with structural engineers

  • Greater reliability, durability, and safety of existing structures, resulting in cost savings, minimized risks, and greater peace of mind

  • Supply and installation of various monitoring devices, including load cells, sensors for force, temperature, strain, acceleration, inclination, etc. with options for data logging and analysis

  • Electrical connection of sensors by local certified partners for hassle-free operation

  • Maintenance and servicing of monitoring systems to ensure continuous operation

  • Evaluation of grouting condition, endoscopy, and vacuum grouting for bonded tendons to enhance performance and longevity

  • Determination of stressing forces, restressing, and retrofitting of elastomagnetic sensors for internal unbonded tendons

  • Visual inspections, robot-assisted non-destructive MI tests, determination of stressing forces by lift-off tests, restressing, replacement, and retrofitting of elastomagnetic sensors for external tendons

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