Manual Structural Monitoring

Cost-effective alternative to fully automated monitoring.

Using Inclinometers, piezometers, extensometers and slip plane indicators provide an economical way of manually monitoring movement over time.

Manual readings scheduled with the client provide a cost-effective alternative to fully automated systems: Data is streamed and managed for our clients though our digital platform,

We carry out manual monitoring of all forms of Assets including:

  • Optical measurements and repetitive positions surveys of structures, railways and other assets using the latest total stations, scanners and digital levels

  • Slope and groundwater surveys using borehole instrumentation

  • Structural and building monitoring surveys using crack gauges and manual measurements

Our in-field monitoring division is controlled and managed by our specialist team of program managers. They schedule and deliver thousands of daily monitoring episodes across the UK.

  • Efficient and economical

  • Specialist project managers

  • Works in conjunction with a wide range of other products and services as required

3D Survey: 3D monitoring provides accurate positional information with respect to known benchmarks.​

Visual Inspection

Laser Scanning

Industrial Buildings
Commercial & Residential Buildings