Manual Geotechnical Monitoring

Ideal manual solution for when continuous monitoring is not required.

Manual geotechnical monitoring services are critical to the ongoing maintenance and lifespan of crucial assets. Where continual monitoring is not necessary, or it is not practical to use automated monitoring methods, our team will create a manual solution.

Our instrumentation provides asset managers with detailed information as to the structural condition of tunnels, bridges and other infrastructure, facilitating better and safer long-term planning for renovation works.

As well as physical assets, this manual monitoring method provides crucial data as to the state of the infrastructure , including slope stability and other geotechnical features.

We test and evaluate foundations and structures to assess and measure capacity and performance of piles, anchors, soil, nails and loading platforms.

We install monitoring systems securely within piles and onto structures to record data during pseudo-static and dynamic testing, which is used for analysis to calculate capacity.

  • Bespoke manual monitoring to meet all requirements

  • Remote monitoring for asset managers

  • Works in conjunction with a wide range of other products and services as required

Commercial & Residential Buildings
Industrial Buildings