Fire Protection for Stay Cables

Avoidance of cable failures during extreme fire events.

Incidents like lightning strikes or vehicle collisions can start fires that can impact an infrastructure's structural safety. In that case, the main parts of the stay cable system need to be protected against damage. Our engineers can provide testing and damage assessment for post-tensioning and stay cable systems—and configure or retrofit fire protection for cables and external tendons.

Fire protection mats for the free cable length

DYWIDAG´s stay cable system fully complies with PTI requirements for fire resistance and has been verified using the load capacity test at 300°C. Furthermore, special fire protection mats resist a 1,100°C hydrocarbon fire for at least 30 minutes without the strands heating up to above 300°C, thus fully complying with PTI requirements.

Anchorage area

Steel parts in the anchorage area can be coated with a special fire protection coat that is intumescent under heat impact and thus protects the steel parts. Protection has been demonstrated during laboratory tests.

  • Direct wrapping onto strands assuring reliable protection during fire scenario

  • Mats have a hydrophobic behavior to avoid water absorption

  • Covered by standard HDPE sheathing

  • Application in cable transition zone is possible

  • Fire protection coatings at anchorages fulfill the highest requirements according to standard ISO 12944, corrosivity class C5


  • Any other fire resistance period can be achieved easily by modifying the mat thickness

  • Also for retrofitting of existing cables

Our cables meet all PTI DC 45 requirement for fire resistance

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