DYWIDAG Threadbar Anchor with Fully Removable Tendon

Fully removable tendon ensures unrestricted access for subsequent works.

Threadbar anchors feature a fully removable tendon, typically comprised of a single section tendon due to the limitations of coupler diameters. This allows subsequent works such as pile driving, excavation, or tunnel boring to take place with no obstructions left in the ground.

The threadbar tendon can be removed from the end anchorage after de-stressing by unscrewing it.

This is a compression type anchor, where load is transferred to an end anchorage which surcharges the grout column above it by the plug effect. Therefore, the grout plug length may be significantly shorter than the geotechnical bond length.

  • Fully removable bar tendon, with only a small end anchorage remaining in the ground so as not to disturb subsequent works

  • The load transfer mechanism (compression type, from furthest end) offers greater efficiencies so can be shorter than the geotechnical bond length to save time and materials

  • Cuttable parts include the free length sheathing and cast iron compression units for complete flexibility

  • Can be used with the entire Threadbar range to suit common anchor loadings

  • Load monitoring options and instrumentation can be incorporated with DYWIDAG Removable Bar Anchor Systems for data-driven insights

Main standards for steel nuances

Europe/ Asia/ Latin America: GEWI 500/550 Mpa, GEWI 555/700 Mpa, GEWI-Plus 670/800 Mpa, DYWIDAG Prestressing Steel Threadbar 950/1050 Mpa​

UK:  GEWI 500/600 Mpa, GEWI-Plus 670/800 Mpa, DYWIDAG Prestressing Steel Threadbar 950/1050 Mpa​

North America: Grade 150 DYWIDAG Prestressing Steel


  • Bearing plates with angle compensation

  • Borehole spacers : lantern or skid

  • Tremie tubes for borehole grouting (bottom up)

  • Rigid or hinged lifting shackles

  • Coupler forks for suspending sections within the borehole

Industrial Buildings
Commercial & Residential Buildings