DYWIDAG Strand Anchor with Fully Removable Tendon (QuickEx®)

Complete and reliable strand removal for temporary works and unrestricted access.

The DYWIGAG Fully Removable Strand Anchor system (QuickEx®) features strands with a fully threaded end termination (distal). Following de-stressing, each strand can be removed from the end anchorage (foot box) by unscrewing it. This makes it particularly suitable for temporary works where subsequent construction activities such as pile driving, excavation, or tunnel boring will take place.

Removable strand anchor systems are highly dependent on the reliability of strand removal. This unique design provides advantages over other removable strand anchor systems, as it can be completely removed every time (when correctly installed).

This is a compression type anchor, where load is transferred to an end anchorage which surcharges the grout column above it by the plug effect. Therefore, the grout plug length may be significantly shorter than the geotechnical bond length.

  • 100% removability thanks to fully threaded design, if the anchor is correctly installed

  • For enhanced quality assurance, system checks during installation include control of over-grouting, a rotation check on each strand, and strand pattern check at the proximal end of tendon

  • The load transfer mechanism (compression) offers greater efficiencies so can be shorter than the geotechnical bond length to save time and materials (OPTION1)

  • The tendon bond length comprises an end anchorage which surcharges against multiple cast iron compression units to form a compression type anchor, which enables a shorter bond length to be achieved (OPTION2)

  • The location of the bonded length section can be easily adjusted in order to place the bonded length beyond the position of any subsequent works, subject to ground conditions and boundaries

  • Load monitoring options and instrumentation can be incorporated with DYWIDAG Removable Strand Anchor Systems for data-driven insights

Main standards for steel nuances

Europe/ Asia/ Latin America: Steel Strand Ø15,7mm (0.62 in) – 1 to 5 strands

UK: Steel Strand Ø15,7mm (0.62 in) – 1 to 5 strands

North America: 7-wire, low relaxation 270 ksi Steel  Ø 0.6 in (15,2mm) – 1 to 5 strands

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