DYWIDAG Smart Tilt​

Structural Movement Monitoring to keep your infrastructure safe.

The DYWIDAG Smart Tilt is an innovative, wireless sensor for structural movement monitoring, used throughout the Transport and Construction sectors. It incorporates a specially designed mounting beam and anchor system, which can be deployed quickly and effectively into any surface, to provide solid and permanent contact. Our distinctive and innovative design is suited perfectly to the sector and is built to last for many years.

The Smart Tilt is fully ‘plug-and-play’ with data transmitted to the Wireless Data Logger and then directly to DYWIDAG’s web-based platform, Infrastructure Intelligence.

  • Robust & site-ready design

  • Wireless or cable free installation 

  • Rapidly deployed, with a long service life

  • Battery powered and simple to maintain

  • Continuous readings with programmable features

  •  High accuracy and reliability

United Kingdom: IP68 rated

Commercial & Residential Buildings
Industrial Buildings