DYWIDAG Auger Cast Pile

A cost-efficient, cast in-situ solution for higher lateral loads.

The DYWIDAG Auger Cast Pile is a drilled and grouted pile with a diameter of larger than 30cm (12 in). Centrally reinforced with one DYWIDAG Threadbar, the DYWIDAG Auger Cast Pile transfers large loads, with a relatively small diameter drill holes, for any soil type. It is particularly suited for situations where lateral loads are too high for other pile systems.

The DYWIDAG Auger Cast Pile is a simple and economical cast in-situ foundation element that is relatively quick to construct.

  • Transfers high loads in most soil conditions

  • Medium drill hole diameters, thus less cutting volume to manage

  • Vibration-free drilling prevents damage to adjacent structures, so drill holes can be placed close to existing walls or structures when needed

  • The Threadbar features a continuous robust thread, which allows for rough site handling and for easy on-site length adjustments since cutting or coupling of the rod is possible along its entire length


  • Bearing plates with nuts and angle compensation

  • Borehole centralizers/spacers

  • Tremie tubes for borehole grouting from bottom up

  • Rigid or hinged lifting shackles for suspending bars

  • Galvanized or Epoxy coated options for bars and hardware

Industrial Buildings
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