DYNA Grip Standard System

High fatigue performance and excellent durability.

The DYNA Grip® Stressing Anchorage consists of an anchor block in which the strands are anchored by high fatigue 3-part wedges. A ring nut is threaded onto the anchor block to transmit the cable force into the structure via the bearing plate. A steel pipe which incorporates bending and sealing provisions for the strands is part of the anchor block. A non-adjustable anchorage with the same provisions for bending and sealing of the strands can be placed at the dead-end side.

  • Replaceability: Exchange of single strands including PE-sheathing through anchorage – no interruption of traffic

  • Leak tightness: Gap between threads is filled with corrosion protection compound for improved tightness

  • High fatigue capability & excellent durability: A watertight and adjustable sealing unit and strands with PE-sheathing up to the wedge meet highest demands. No deviation of strands in the wedge gripping zone . Full compliance with international fib and PTI standards

  • Compaction clamp: With straight guidance and smooth inner radius for optimized cable bending and minimized transverse pressure. Also serves as supporting structure in case a guide deviator or damper is installed

  • Protection against impact: Usually used for vandalism protection. Can also be upgraded to a cable hardening system resisting fire and other multiple threat scenarios (blasts, cutting etc.). More information here

  • Free length: Strands additionally protected by UV-resistant stay pipe. Standard outer helical fillet for reducing wind-rain induced vibrations

  • Fast Construction cycles: Lightweight equipment for strand installation and stressing operation

  • Technical Data: Modular design principle with wide range of cable sizes. Check the Brochure


  • Bending stopper or Guide deviator for limitation od excessive cable rotations

  • Cable de-icing, Fire & Blast protection

  • Full system compliance (Fatigue & Tensile, Leak Tightness) with fib Bulletin 89, PTI DC45.1-18 & Setra-CIP

  • German System and Strand Approval

  • Corrosion protection resists corrosivity class C5 in accordance with ISO 12944

Commercial & Residential Buildings
Industrial Buildings