Carbon Fibre Reinforced Polymer (CFRP)

Durable and reliable repair and strengthening solutions to restore safety and structural integrity.

Only available in North America.

In situations where conventional strengthening systems such as external post-tensioning, section enlargement, or general repairs will not provide the necessary support, carbon fiber reinforced polymer (CFRP) systems can often be the solution.

CFRP is used to add or restore capacity to a structure or member. In civil applications for bridge structures, this can include AASHTO girders, columns, and pier caps. Additionally, there are a range of commercial applications, including reinforcement for high-rise buildings, seismic protection for parking structures, and increased loading capacity for other buildings.

CFRP provides a state-of-the-art option for reinforcing structures through advanced composite materials. The material offers unparalleled strength and support, enabling structures to withstand even the most compromised conditions. Its high tensile strength and stiffness mean that it can provide superior reinforcement without the added weight and bulk of other systems. CFRP's lightweight and easy-to-work-with properties make it a prime choice for complex or hard-to-reach structures.

  • Cost-effective compared to traditional strengthening systems in many cases

  • Can extend the lifespan of structures by preventing further damage and deterioration

  • Lightweight and easy to work with, making installation quicker and cheaper than alternatives

  • Advanced composite materials with high tensile strength and stiffness that offer superior strength and support for compromised structures

  • Low-profile strengthening system for when clearances are an issue

  • Can be fireproofed to meet building codes for fire safety

  • Can be surface applied or near surface mounting (NSM) embedment, to suit all applications


  • Carbon fiber.

  • Glass fiber.

  • Various weights and designs to choose from including uni-directional or multi-directional fabrics and prelaminated strips.

North America:

  • ACI 440 Committee for code development

  • Certified Fyfe CFRP Installer

Industrial Buildings
Commercial & Residential Buildings
Tank & Silos