Cable wrapping (by hand and robotic) with Cableskin

Long-term UV and corrosion protection with minimal traffic disruption.

DYWIDAG’s Cableskin® system provides corrosion protection of stay cables. Cableskin® is an approved standard system for corrosion protection forming a 2.6 mm sheath which is impermeable to water, vapor and oxygen.

The inner layer Cableskin® base and the outer coloured layer Cableskin® top are multilayer tapes with coextruded butyl-rubber layers. Once the two layers are in contact with each other, they cold weld together by interdiffusion to form one inseparable material. Butyl rubber adapts to rough surfaces and avoids air inclusions. Furthermore, it remains ductile by its nature thus adaptable to movements and is consequently tight over the whole lifetime. Fully functional corrosion protection is provided immediately after application, and there is no need to pre-treat the surface. However, the cable's surface should be dry and preferably 3 K above dew point for application. 

Cableskin® can be wrapped around the cables either by self-driving CE-confirmed wrapping bots, semi-automated wrapping bots, with hand-wrapping devices, or simply by hand. Generally, areas of the cable with diameter jumps or connections to the end will be wrapped by hand. 

  • Highest resistance possible for harsh environments: C5-M (seawater) C5-I (industry) 

  • 60+ years of lifetime protection and UV-resistance in open air

  • Temperature: Continuous 24/7: -60 °C to +50 °C, temporary +/-30 K

  • Top layer available in various colours 

  • Eco-friendly, 100% recyclable material  

  • Combinable with dehumidification systems

  • No obstruction of traffic flow on bridges 

  • No need for additional labor force and resources, therefore saving money and time 

  • No housing, scaffolding, or gantries required 

  • No special surface preparation needed (no need for removal of paint, dirt, etc..) 

  • Significantly reduce wrapping time and project time due to improved handling

Europe: ETA-13/0171 - European and Z-30.11-41 - German technical approval available

Commercial & Residential Buildings
Industrial Buildings