Bonded Post-tensioning System Using Threadbars

A cost-effective solution for improved structural performance in straight tendon courses.

DYWIDAG’s bonded post-tensioning system with threadbars is a high-performance solution for improving the structural integrity and load-carrying capacity of concrete structures, and is specifically designed for straight tendons without any profile. There are two types of Threadbar- Hot rolled and Cold Rolled. All bars are with continuous thread end to end of bar. Can be cut any location and couple.The low-slip anchorage with nuts allows for low losses of prestressing force, even with short bars.

The threadbars used in the system are made from high-strength steel and are bonded to the surrounding concrete using a specialized grout. This creates a strong and durable connection between the threadbars and the concrete, which helps to distribute loads more efficiently and reduce the risk of cracking and other types of damage.

In North America, hot rolled Threadbars are available for 1", 1-1/4", 1-3/8" and  1-3/4". Larger sizes 2-1/4", 2-1/2" and 3" are cold rolled. Hot rolled Threadbars are 60 ft mill length and cold rolled Threadbars ate 45 ft mill length.

  • Threadbars made from high-strength steel for improved structural performance, increased load-carrying capacity, better crack control and reduced reinforcement congestion

  • Low-slip anchorages with nuts, for low losses of pre-stressing force, even with short bars

  • Threadbars available from 1'' (18mm) to 3'' (75mm)

  • Low relaxation loss, less than 2.5% for hot rolled and less than 5% for cold rolled

  • Both metal sheets or plastic ducts are available to suit all applications

  • Corrosion protection available with cement grout or special grout for applications with harsh environments

  • Coupling possible


WR Bars (EU) for lengths greater than 2.5m

  • Continuous hot-rolled thread

  • Coarse thread – robust and appropriate for on-site conditions

  • Available for a large range of diameters

  • Can be divided and coupled in any section

  • Constant Young’s Modulus by factory-controlled elongation of the thread bar steel

  • Continuous quality inspection and control

WS Bars (EU) for lengths less than 2.5m

  • Cold-rolled thread on either side – low anchorage slip

  • Constant Young’s Modulus by factory-controlled elongation of the thread bar steel

  • Continuous quality inspection and control

Main standards for steel nuances

Europe/ Asia/ Latin America: Y1030, Y1050

North America: Grade 150Ksi

Europe/ Asia/ Latin America: ETA-05/0123

North America: Florida DOT, Caltrans approval. All other states and Canada follow FDOT/Caltrans approval. Post-Tensioning Institute System approval in progress

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