DYWIDAG announces the rebrand of DY.CO

DYWIDAG Group as an owner of the largest selection of reinforced concrete technologies in Europe has decided to change the name of the brand DY.CO to DYWIDAG Concrete Technologies.

The rebrand of DY.CO to DYWIDAG Concrete Technologies, is designed to reflect the importance of this division within global operations. It will also help to establish that its products and services are integral to DYWIDAG’s business. Sharing its name now with its parent company, the key benefits of DYWIDAG Concrete Technologies’ products and services to new and existing customers will be further reinforced through the global size, reach and synergy that exists within the DYWIDAG structure.

Hugh Pelham, CEO of DYWIDAG said: “DYWIDAG has recently conducted a strategic review and concluded that DY.CO and its portfolio of solutions for concrete structures, is seen as a core part of our overall global business. Consequently, I am pleased to announce that from January 2023 all DY.CO products will form part of the core DYWIDAG business and trade as DYWIDAG Concrete Technologies.”

Hugh added: “Considerable investment has been made in new manufacturing facilities in Poland, which is now complete. These investments, together with a full integration within DYWIDAG, will drive our continued investment in product development, enable an improved customer experience, and ensure our cost competitiveness.”

DYWIDAG Concrete Technologies provides a wide range of products spanning categories including: RECOSTAL® permanent formwork technologies, RECOSTAL® reinforcement technologies, RECOSTAL® joint technologies concrete floors, CONTEC® sealing technologies and Form Tie systems.

The roll-out of the new branding is already underway, with DYWIDAG Concrete Technologies branding continuing to replace DY.CO through online and offline channels.