DSI acquires License for OVM Systems from Napko

On July 17th 2013, DSI purchased the license for OVM Post-Tensioning Systems and associated products from the Czech company Napko, spol s.r.o.

OVM Machinery Co. Ltd. is the market leader for Post-Tensioning systems, joints and bearings in China and a very strong player in South-East Asia and the Middle East. It was founded in the city of Liuzhou in 1966 and offers a very comprehensive portfolio of products including Post-Tensioning Systems, Cable Stay Systems, Construction Solutions (incremental launching, turning and heavy lifting), expansion joints, bearings and monitoring systems.

In Europe, OVM was represented by Napko, spol s.r.o., based in Olomouc, Czech Republic. Napko owns the respective European Technical Approval (ETA) of OVM systems and operates in several European countries with project references in Eastern Europe and recently in Scandinavia.

DSI has acquired the right to sell OVM Post-Tensioning Systems, OVM joints and bearings in Europe as well as the respective approvals. It will establish a local presence in Olomouc, Czech Republic and, in addition, appoint Mr. Marek Korenek, son of the founder and General Manager of Napko, as Sales Manager for OVM Systems with a strong focus on Eastern European markets. Going forward, Napko will limit its activities to the Czech Repair and Strengthening Market and serve DSI as a subcontractor on selective Post-Tensioning jobsites in the Czech Republic and beyond.

Through this investment, DSI will strengthen its presence not only in the Czech Republic but also throughout Eastern Europe. The access to OVM technology will allow DSI to close some gaps in its product portfolio and to offer its customers a broader range of Post-Tensioning Systems in selected markets and projects – and this further strengthens and expands the existing partnership with OVM.