De-Icing Solutions for Stay Cables (active and passive)

Control of icing and de-icing of stay cables with passive and active solutions.

A passive de-icing solution, i.e., a novel, unique cable pipe system with rings has been developed. The passive de-icing solution was extensively analyzed numerically based on a morphogenetic model and experimentally in wind tunnel test campaigns. Based on the results of analyses, the advantages of cable pipe with rings in comparison to the standard double helical fillet have been proven.

To further improve the de-icing solution, developments were continued, and an active de-icing system was proposed and tested, which comprises a rotating cable pipe. This allows for a uniform ice accretion at cables and demonstrably improves ice melting and aerodynamic properties.

  • Influence ice accretion

  • Influence regularity and uniformity of ice accretion in cross section direction

  • Reduce risk of iced cable galloping and reduce demands for cable damping

  • Influence time of shedding & sizes of falling ice or snow pieces


  • Predictive modelling and risk assessment

  • Monitoring of ice accretion

  • Active de-icing system also as retrofit solution on existing bridges possible

Tests at NRC Canada and Force Technology Denmark

Industrial Buildings
Commercial & Residential Buildings