DYWIDAG systems feature in landmark buildings worldwide—both below and above ground.

There are countless applications for DYWIDAG's products and services in building construction—from pile foundations and vertical elements to slabs and beams. 

Geotechnical systems

DYWIDAG geotechnical rock, soil anchor and pile systems support excavations, slope stability, retained structures, deep excavation, and pile foundations.

Our geotechnical systems stabilize groundworks and can strengthen and restore a building’s underpinning. 

Post-tensioning systems

DYWIDAG post-tensioning systems strengthen and repair new and existing buildings. 

Compared to conventionally reinforced concrete structures, post-tensioning can reduce the amount of reinforcing steel and concrete needed, impacting overall construction costs. Post-tensioned slabs in high-rise structures like hotels, office towers, and residential buildings result in thinner slabs with increased seismic resistance. 

Post-tensioning also allows for the earlier removal of formwork—shortening overall construction times. Bonded post-tensioning in transfer girders provides critical strength and overall building stability.

DYWIDAG post-tensioning systems fulfill all major requirements for vertical applications. The development of special grouting procedures provides perfect grouting quality—in even the highest towers.

Monitoring systems

Our engineers can configure smart geotechnical and post-tensioning systems with structural monitoring services to provide building lifespan management—and ongoing infrastructure monitoring.

Concrete Technologies

Concrete operations are supported by DYWIDAG's concrete accessories, including the DYWIDAG Threadbar™ form tie system, used to form horizontal and vertical concrete elements and restrain the applied concrete pressures.