Successful completion of test anchor program on Seven Mile Dam

The Seven Mile Dam project consists of a gravity dam (approx. 70 m high) with power intakes in the present river channel near the right bank and a spillway on the left bank.

The Seven Mile project is located on the Pend d’Oreille River in the southeastern part of British Columbia.

The four unit powerhouse is located immediately downstream of the power intakes. BC Hydro planned to improve the dam to reduce dam safety risk.

DYWIDAG designed, supplied, installed and successfully tensionned 90-0.6" DYWIDAG Restressable Double Corrosion Protected Multistrand Anchors (using micro-wax and extruded PE- sheathing for corrosion protection of strands) with a length of 98m each.

In addition a test anchor program was completed in March 2002.

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BC Hydro, Burnaby, BC, Canada

BC Hydro, Burnaby, BC, Canada

Peter Kiewit & Son, Richmond, BC, Canada