PROCEQ Geotechnical Measurement Devices

Most complete global portfolio in the area of non-destructive testing technology (CE).

DYWIDAG is a reseller of all Proceq equipment. Our service center – based in Königsbrunn – can support you and answer all questions related to concrete testing and Proceq equipment. ​

  • The Original Schmidt Hammer & OS8000: The original rebound test hammers for compressive strength and homogeneity assessment. This is the basis of every major rebound hammer testing standard worldwide. ​

  • Silver Schmidt OS8200: The Silver Schmidt uses speed instead of rebounds to conduct the test.​

  • Profometer PM8000 & Pro & Lite: The world's most compact, versatile and precise concrete cover meter for efficient inspection of concrete structures. ​

  • Profometer PM8500: Advanced half-cell measuring instrument for on-site mapping of the corrosion potential.​

  • Pull-off Testers - DY2xx / DYNA Estrich: Automatic tensile adhesion testers which  can store a complete test data set.​

  • GP8000, GP8800 & GP8100: Portable concrete GPR radars which make concrete inspections faster and easier. Structural imaging with SFCW ground penetrating radar technology. ​

  • Ultraschall – Pundit - PD8050 & PI8000: Device used for structural imaging, object and defect detection with ultrasound pulse echo. ​

  • INSPECT: Intelligent inspection software which secures records of the structural condition and integrity of infrastructures. ​


  • DYWIDAG is the only company in Germany that calibrates according to manufacturer specifications​

  • Personal customer service to ensure all enquiries are dealt with promptly ​

  • Training available to provide a cost-efficient testing option ​

The Original Schmidt Hammer & OS8000

  • Covers a wide range of applications ​

  • Strength estimation made simple and at a fraction of the cost ​

  • Comprehensive mobile apps and web-based functionality to enhance productivity ​

  • Proven durability and quality, with a Swiss Made guarantee ​

Silver Schmidt OS8200

  • Best-in-class strength correlation ​

  • Fully assess an entire test area in less than 10 minutes ​

  • Instant report generation on the go for quick and informed decision-making​

Profometer PM8000 & Pro & Lite

  • Unrivalled precision thanks to a sophisticated data interpolation & intelligent auto-mode​

  • Superior ergonomics with compact, ultra light-weight and fully wireless sensor​

  • Unmatched productivity with instant availability of data analytics and visualization​

Profometer PM8500

  • On-site mapping of corrosion potential using unique wheel electrodes  for high productivity​

  • Advanced processing and custom reporting tools with exportable graphs and charts for high efficiency and accuracy​

  • Easily upgradable with cover meter functionality for combined testing if desired​

Pull-off Testers - DY2xx / DYNA Estrich 

  • Automated pull-off testers ideally suited for high-strength applications ​

  • Reliable calibration accuracy even for high-strength products such as FRP concrete​

  • A comprehensive range of test discs for maximum performance and flexibility​

  • Easy to operate and program with a fully automated test function to save time​

GP8000, GP8800 & GP8100

  • Unparalleled radar penetration depth and resolution in a single GPR probe ​

  • Powerful, user-friendly interface for faster, easier concrete assessment ​

  • Great handling and ergonomics in all applications ​

Ultraschall – Pundit PD8050 & PI8000

  • Real-time imaging, weight optimization and AI assistance for increased efficiency​

  • Large scale 2D, 3D, heatmap and AR visualization modes for ease of use​

  • Superior image clarity with control of all transmission parameters ​

Inspect – Intelligent Inspection Software

  • Collect more data in an easier, richer and more structured way, with true data quality ​  ​

  • Accelerated reporting and documentation creation – with no need to re-enter data back at the office​ ​

  • Cloud-based software synchronized in real-time, so all data can be available to all team members and stakeholders when required​