DYWIDAG Threadbar Anchor System

Single-nut termination facilitates simple stressing and lock-off.

Bar anchor systems are used extensively for retaining tieback and uplift resistance.

The system is based around DYWIDAG’s Threadbars, which ensure ease of coupling and stressing. The wide range of capacities (up to 4500 kN) enable threadbar anchors to be used for many applications.

Typical section lengths range from 6 to 12 meters. Where multiple short sections are required, the DYWIDAG Strand Anchor System may be more suitable.

  • DYWIDAG Threadbar system enables simple coupling and termination for fast installation

  • Free stressing lengths with coupler cover tubes enable full debonding of the stressed section to prevent unwanted load transfer

  • For permanent works, factory pre-grouted encapsulation (double corrosion protection) ensures full lifespans even in aggressive environments

  • Anchor head componentry can be tailored to specific applications; e.g. re-stressable or de-stressable

  • Anchor head protection for permanent works comprises specialist anchor protection caps and sealing arrangements to ensure a long lifespan

  • Load monitoring options and instrumentation can be incorporated with DYWIDAG Threadbar Anchor Systems for data-driven insights

Main standards for steel nuances

Europe/Asia: GEWI 500/550 Mpa, GEWI 555/700 Mpa, GEWI-Plus 670/800 Mpa, DYWIDAG Prestressing Steel Threadbar 950/1050 Mpa​

UK:  GEWI 500/600 Mpa, GEWI-Plus 670/800 Mpa, DYWIDAG Prestressing Steel Threadbar 950/1050 Mpa​

North America: Grade 150 DYWIDAG Prestressing Steel​


  • Bearing plates with angle compensation, different finishes, architectural features.

  • Borehole spacers : lantern or skid

  • Tremie tubes for borehole grouting (bottom up)

  • Post-grouting tubes complete with TAM (tube à manchette) valves for bond stress enhancement

  • Rigid or hinged lifting shackles

  • Coupler forks for suspending sections within the borehole

  • Galvanized or Epoxy-coated options

Commercial & Residential Buildings