Visual Inspection Using Rope Access

Cost-efficient inspection of hard-to-reach areas with qualified personnel.

DYWIDAG offers a range of manual visual inspection services for cables, strands, wires, and other rope types of stay-cable structures using rope access. Regular inspections are an essential component of maintenance and can help ensure the structure’s longevity and structural integrity.

Our Rope Access technicians are certified by the German Rope Access association (FISAT) – part of the European Committee for Rope Access (ECRA) – and are qualified to do structural inspections in accordance with DIN 1076. Safety is guaranteed through a redundant system while enabling them to reach hard-to-access areas. By avoiding the need for complex scaffolding, special platforms, or cranes, this service offers significant cost reduction and minimizes traffic interruptions. Time is also saved thanks to quick set-up and conversion, while our flexible working style ensures that other trades are not affected. Our inspection service is comprehensive and covers checks for water, moisture, cracks, deformation, corrosion, and other findings.

We provide a proposal of potential measures to correct detected findings. If desired, we can also undertake repair works at the same time as the visual inspection. Other destructive and non-destructive testing methods to complement our visual inspection services are also available.

  • Experienced and certified Rope Access technicians, with safety ensured through redundant systems

  • Ability to reach hard-to-access areas without the need for scaffolding or special platforms, leading to cost reduction and time-saving

  • Qualified to perform structural inspections in accordance with DIN 1076

  • Inspections check for various findings including water, moisture, cracks, deformation, and corrosion

  • Offers a non-invasive approach to inspections, without affecting other trades or causing damage to the structure

  • Reduced traffic interruptions due to the flexibility of the service

  • Time saving thanks to quick set-up and conversion

  • Proposal of measures to correct detected findings

  • Repair works can be undertaken in parallel


  • Use of ergonomic platforms or other technical support 

  • Other Destructive and Non-destructive testing methods possible

  • Structural inspectors in accordance with DIN 1076

  • Rope Access technicians certified by the German Rope Access association (FISAT)

  • FISAT as part pf the European Committee for Rope Access (ECRA)

Commercial & Residential Buildings