DYWIDAG Strand Anchor with Partially Removable Tendon

Enables quick strand removal without the need for de-stressing.

Partially removable strand anchors allow the free length tendon to be removed. The free length can be as long as necessary to ensure the bonded length is positioned in the desired location. This way, subsequent works such as pile driving, excavation, or tunnel boring can take place with no obstructions left in the ground.

The free length section is removed by over-stressing individual strands to induce failure at the rupture point (typically located just above the bonded length).

This is a tension type anchor, where load is transferred to the bonded length by stressing the free length.

  • De-stressing is not required once the strands are ready for removal, saving time

  • The safe removal of each free length strand is carried out with a special jack in conjunction with the correct safety system, which is integrated with the jack

  • The system is especially suitable for temporary work applications, as the free length typically exceeds the bonded length dimension by a significant factor

  • Thanks to the flexibility of the free length, positioning of the bonded length section can be easily adjusted in order to place the bonded length beyond the position of any subsequent works, subject to ground condition and boundaries

  • Load monitoring options and instrumentation can be incorporated with DYWIDAG Removable Strand Anchor Systems for data-driven insights

Main standards for steel nuances

Europe/ Asia/ Latin America: Steel Strand Ø 15,2mm (0.6 in) and Ø15,7mm (0.62 in) – 1 to 22+ strands

UK: Steel Strand Ø 15,2mm (0.6 in) – 1 to 27+ strands

North America: 7-wire, low relaxation 270 ksi Steel Ø 0.6 in (15,2mm) – 1 to 61 strands


  • Bearing plates with angle compensation

  • Borehole spacers : lantern or skid

  • Tremie tubes for borehole grouting (bottom up)

  • Post-grouting tubes complete with TAM (tube à manchette) valves for bond stress enhancement

  • Rigid or hinged lifting shackles

Commercial & Residential Buildings