External Unbonded Post-tensioning System Using Monostrand

Extend the service life of critical structures with minimal disruption.

DYWIDAG’s external unbonded post-tensioning system with monostrands is the perfect solution for strengthening and repair projects. It is typically used as ring tendons for tanks and silos, as well as for the strengthening of girders in bridges and buildings, where it can help to reduce the risk of structural failure and extend the service life.

Our system features monostrands that are designed to be guided outside the concrete cross-section, running straight between the end anchorages or deflected at cross beams, saddles, and other structural components. This allows for a low induced stress range, less fretting fatigue, and easier monitoring of stressing forces.

One of the key benefits of this system is its ability to be installed with minimal disruption to the existing structure, which can help to reduce the overall cost and duration of the project. This is especially useful for tanks, silos, and bridges, many of which cannot be taken out of service for extended periods of time.

  • High-quality monostrands used individually

  • Tendon diameters available: 0.6" (15.2mm), 0.62” (15.7mm)

  • Tendons are inspectable, providing good structural monitoring options

  • No grouting operations required on site, for faster installation

  • Customizable system with prefabrication or on-site production possible and curved or straight tendon profiles

  • Double layer PE sheathing and corrosion protection compound provided to provide optimal protection against a wide range of potential damage mechanisms

  • Replacement and re-stressing possible

Main standards of steel nuances

Europe/ Asia/ Latin America: Y1770

Europe/ Asia/ Latin America: ETA-03/0036 – ETA 19/0077 – Z-13.72 (Germany) – ETA-13/0814 – Z-13.2-2-95 (Germany) – Z-13.3-135 (Germany) – ETA-30/036

Tank & Silos