Industrial structures require post-tensioning to ensure safe operation for permanent and extraordinary load cases. 


DYWIDAG post-tensioning systems fulfill all major requirements for vertical applications. The development of special grouting procedures provides perfect grouting quality—in even the highest towers.


Horizontal ring tendons are essential for the construction and safe operation of all tank structures.

Post-tensioning strengthens and secures even the tallest towers and chimneys

We configure post-tensioning systems using precast concrete elements and prefabricated tendons to optimize installation time at modern wind tower plants.

Configuring strand tendons in post-tensioning systems strengthens and secures the concrete shell of power plant cooling towers.

Post-tensioning strengthens the circumference of silos and tanks

Our engineers configure internal and external post-tensioning systems to strengthen the circumference of prestressed concrete tanks and silos—so they can withstand the pressure exerted by their contents. Our horizontal and transversal post-tensioning configurations support the construction of a diverse range of tanks and silos—ranging from small digestion tanks to LNG tanks with a capacity of up to 300.000m³.