Monostrand Tendons facilitate innovative Execution of Green Hall 2

Centrally located between the city center and the business quarter of the Lithuanian capital of Vilnius, a new office building is being built that will complement the existing Green Hall building: Green Hall 2.

The building, which is located next to Neris River, will accommodate offices on a total area of 10,000m². Green Hall 2 is one of the most energy efficient buildings to be constructed in the last few years and uses natural ventilation as well as solar energy.

During construction, no compromises were tolerated that would have interfered with the original innovative concept of the architects. The design and the stipulated extraordinary form of the building also required unusual structural solutions using cast in place concrete. This also included the suggestion of prestressing the building’s floor slabs using unbonded post-tensioning tendons.

DSI’s Lithuanian partner company Delta Nova coordinated closely with the project’s structural engineers and carried out the post-tensioning work for this project as a subcontractor. The slabs were post-tensioned using approximately 1,300 Type SK 6-1, ME 6-3 and ME 6-4 DYWIDAG Monostrand Tendons with a total weight of 40t.

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Upės Projektai, UAB, Lithuania