The Kirchberg-Pfaffenthal Station: Systems ensure fast Connection to City Center

The new Kirchberg-Pfaffenthal Station (Pont Rouge) will connect the Kirchberg Plateau in northeastern Luxemburg to the existing train route in the district of Pfaffenthal.

The connection with the Kirchberg Plateau is realized by two independent funicular railways operating as shuttles that are being built at the bottom of a bridge known as Pont Rouge. Furthermore, the project includes the two new stations Pfaffenthal and Kirchberg.

The civil engineering work includes a retaining wall with shotcrete infill for each of the stations. In Pfaffenthal, the retaining wall is 9.5m high and anchored by 2 layers of anchors that are embedded in highly fragmented sandstone. 3 test anchors with ducts and 3 test anchors without ducts were produced. All performance tests were successful, and all of the 41 temporary Type WR, 26.5 and 32mm Ø, 10-12m long DYWIDAG Bar Anchors featured ducts.

The tracks of the funicular railway were anchored in the sandstone using 478, 3-7m long, 32mm Ø, double corrosion protected GEWI® Soil Nails. The 8.5t excavator with drill attachment had to work from a drilling level with an 11° inclination. Furthermore, the GEWI® Soil Nails were inclined into two directions.

Work was carried out economically using optimized equipment.


CFL, Luxemburg

aventas.grundbau GmbH & Co. KG, Germany

Schroeder & Associés SA, Luxemburg