Technology supports Development of the largest Gas Field in the World

Approximately 15.8% of the world’s natural gas reserves are located in Iran. Between 8% and 10% of those reserves are said to be within the South Pars field in the Persian Gulf which is the world’s largest known gas field with reserves estimated at 100 trillion cubic meters. The development of the South Pars field is divided into 30 phases within the next 25 years.

Phases 4 & 5 are designed for the production of 56 million m3 gas per day for domestic consumption, 80,000 barrels of condensate per day, 1,05 million t of LPG per year and 400 t of sulphate per year. Among other things, this project phase includes the erection of 2 butane storage tanks with a capacity of 35,000 m3 each and 2 propane storage tanks with a capacity of 45,000 m3 each. The concrete outside wall of the storage tanks is post-tensioned with peripheral/circumferential vertical chords using DYWIDAG Multistrand Tendons type MA 12 0.62" which complied with the cryogen requirements stipulated.

Construction work for the 4 LPG Tanks began in July 2003, completion of the tanks was in March 2005.

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N.I.O.C. Pars Oil & Gas Co., Iran