Santan Freeway Project uses Multistrand System

Phoenix is one of the cities with the highest rate of population growth and the highest rate of residential construction in the USA. In order to reduce traffic congestion, the Arizona Department of Transportation is continuing to improve their freeway system in and around the city limits.

During 1989-1999, the Arizona Department of Transportation (ADOT) issued an Environmental Assessment and Design Concept Report of the freeway systems around the city of Phoenix and concluded that major loop interchanges are needed to adequately service the increase in traffic volume. A supplemental report was also approved in 2001.

The Santan Freeway (202L) is part of the Regional Freeway System. The 202L currently extends from I-10 east to Country Club Drive. The section of 202L, located between Country Club Drive and Baseline Road, is currently in various stages of design and construction.

The Santan Freeway Interchange is located East of Phoenix in the city of Chandler at the connection of the Price Freeway (SR 101) and Santan Freeway SR 202).

The project that is under construction consists of a multi-level directional urban traffic interchange including bridge structures, roadway excavations and similar related items. Bridges include nine new structures with lengths varying from 81m to 470m with two to nine spans and three to fourteen cast-in-place box girders. This method of construction is very popular and efficient in the western USA especially in Arizona, California and Nevada. DSI supplied their versatile and easy to install MA multiplane anchorages with 12 to 27 - Ø15.2mm strands.

Construction of the Red Mountain and Santan freeways in the southeast Valley around city of Phoenix limits is scheduled for completion in 2007. A key component of the system is the planned freeway interchange connecting the Red Mountain and Santan freeways with the Superstition freeway (US60) near Hawes Road in Mesa.

Construction of the interchange was scheduled to begin in 2004 with completion scheduled in 2007.


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