Form Ties

Forming systems provide fast installation and stripping—and potential savings on labor costs.

DY.CO supplies the widest range of materials for industrial, commercial, and residential construction across Europe here: DY.CO

Outside the European region, DYWIDAG designs, manufactures, and supplies a wide range of form ties and concrete accessories, including taper ties, shebolts, and thru ties.

Forming systems are used in

DYWIDAG forming systems feature in infrastructure all over the world. DYWIDAG concrete accessories and products comply with international industry standards and are consistently monitored, both internally and independently.

Taper Ties

Our 15mm and 20mm diameter taper ties are machined from a single high-strength steel bar and offered in different lengths—as well as customized sizes. 

Each end of the tie is turned down to the same diameter and includes a continuous thread— a system that allows for fast installation and stripping.


The end of our shebolt incorporates a connection to the DYWIDAG Threadbar™—and when combined with an inner rod, provides a rugged, cost-effective, and versatile tie that is suitable for many installations. 

We manufacture shebolts in a wide range of sizes—and in diameters of 15mm, 20mm, and 26mm. We also produce steel shebolt cones, conventional shebolts machined from a single piece of steel—and crimped shebolts, which we can manufacture to a specific length. 

Thru Ties

The DYWIDAG thru tie system is available with the DYWIDAG Threadbar™, PVC sleeves, and reusable form tie cones. We manufacture the flexible cones in a fully-automated production process. This system allows for fast and easy installation and stripping—and ensures accurate form spacing.


Based on the original DYWIDAG Threadbar™—a hot-rolled, high-strength steel bar with two flat sides that allow for gripping and turning

Continuous coarse threads and a wide variety of matching hardware options allow for fast installation and stripping—and potential labor cost savings

Available in different diameters—but its 15mm, 20mm and, 26mm diameter bars have revolutionized concrete forming methods

Engineered to the highest industry standards—and inventoried to ensure fast delivery