Stabilizing Wharves with Special Bar Tie Rods

Guam Island, in the western Pacific Ocean, is the largest island in the Marianas Archipelago and a territory of the USA. The island is located approximately 5,300km west of Hawaii and 2,500km south of Japan. Due to Guam’s strategic location, USA’s Andersen Air Force Base and Naval Base Guam are located on the island. On-going and future upgrades of both bases are planned over the next several years to enhance the USA’s military capabilities in the region.

One of the first improvement project concerned the upgrade and lengthen of the Guam’s Alpha and Bravo naval wharves to service submarines which occasionally call at the base. For this project, both wharves had to be extended, deepened and reinforced with new steel sheet piles. DSI USA was awarded a contract to supply special bar tie rods for stabilizing the wharves.

In order to extend the wharves, DSI USA delivered approximately 8,000m (26,000ft.) of #18 grade 75: S 520/690 N/mm² Tie Rods. The anchors have excellent and long-lasting corrosion protection due to their Polyken tape wrap corrosion system, which is why they are ideal for use in salt water.

The owner chose the DYWIDAG Tie Rod System because of its ease of installation and its economic advantages: it offers up to 50% reduction in weight compared to conventional bars grade S355. In addition, it allows the accommodation of minor misalignments with sheet piles without the need to cut and re-weld upset rods.


US Navy, Naval Base Guam, USA

Wilson Okamoto Corporation, Honolulu, Hawaii, USA

Wilson Okamoto Corporation, Honolulu, Hawaii, USA

Black Construction Corporation, Guam, USA

8,000m (26,000ft.) of Tie Rods with Polyken tape wrap