Yacht marina breakwater with double corrosion protected bar anchors

A new luxury resort hotel with condominiums and an integrated marina is being built where there used to be a Hilton hotel in the amusement district of St. Julian on the north-east shore of Malta.

This project required to create an artificial yacht harbour. After three harbour bays were blasted and hydro jetted out of the bedrock, the entry to the sea was opened. For harbour protection a 50m long breakwater was constructed out of precast elements. These elements had to be secured against waves from strong north-east winds. The harbour planning firm SCORTINO, Italy required that the precast elements be tied down with 240 pieces 36mm dia. double corrosion protected DYWIDAG bar anchors (DCP), each 32m long, securing the 24 segments to the sea bed. Twelve more anchors were used to tie down the smaller, so called ‘inner wave breaker.

The anchors were shop fabricated by DYWIT, Italy and were installed with two couplers each. The quality sensitive assembly was critical due to the corrosive seawater environment. The project was completed without delay with a very tight schedule and in spite of frequent disruptions due to high waves. DYWIT provided not only the anchors, but also an experienced supervisor who co-ordinated the project phases from anchor assembly to load testing.

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TUMAS Group, Malta