Use of Post-Tensioning Systems in the Brezno-Chomutov railway bridge

Because of expanded brown coal open cut mining the Brezno - Chomutov railway line had to be relocated. In January 2001 the construction of a new single track railway bridge across a valley, an expressway and a creek began.

The new bridge is divided into 8 spans with lengths varying from 20 to 26 m and has an overall length of 185 m. Since the bridge is located in a brown coal mining district, only relatively small span lengths could be designed because of the poor soil conditions. The continuous bridge structure consists of a monolithic plate with a constant depth of 1.5 m. The bridge deck is post-tensioned in the longitudinal direction using 14 Bonded DYWIDAG Multistrand Post-Tensioning Tendons 22 x 0.62", grade 1570/1770 Mpa.

For the first time in many years, bonded post-tensioning tendons were used in a bridge project commissioned by Czech Railways.

DSI Licencee SM 7 A.S. responded to questions from the main contractor regarding the layout of the post-tensioning tendons, with the clarification of details concerning post-tensioning as well as with the installation of DYWIDAG Post-Tensioning Systems. The bridge project was completed in July 2002.

SupplyTechnical assistance

Czech Railways, Pilsen, Czech Republic

SUDOP Engineering Office, Prague, Czech Republic