Use of Post-Tensioning Systems for bridge construction

In the course of the construction of a highway, a new bridge over the Mura river was built in Slovenia. For this purpose a continuous post-tensioned girder executed as a constant depth hollow box was chosen. The bridge was divided into two independent 14 m wide decks. The overall length of the bridge is 830 m.

Both bridge decks were built from an abutment using the incremental launching method — a remarkable performance considering the lengths of the decks.

The bridge decks were post-tensioned with DYWIDAG Strand Post-Tensioning Systems. Type 15-15.7mm internal tendons were used for the axial post-tensioning during incremental launching,  and external tendons Type MC 12-15.7mm and Type W 15-15.7mm were used for eccentric post-tensioning after completion.

For DSI, the contract included the complete delivery of internal and external post-tensioning, special equipment as well as job-site assistance.

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