Tunnel Segments joined with Strand Tendons: The Øresund Crossing

Sweden and Denmark will be connected in the year 2000 by a four lane highway and two rail tracks. The project incorporates a tunnel, an artificial island, an elevated bridge and two approach structures with a total length of 16km.

The tunnel (3.7km long, 40m wide, 9m tall) is composed of 20 precast concrete elements. These 176m long elements are made of 22m long segments produced in Copenhagen.

The slope cuts and approaches will be cast in place on the Danish peninsula and the artificial island. The joined elements are barged to the drop-off location and are positioned via satellite navigation.

DSI Norway was asked to supply and install 2,000 tons of DYWIDAG multistrand tendons. Those tendons effectively join the shorter segments into a longer tunnel element.


Øresunds Konsortiet (Danish-Swedish consortium)

Joint Venture Øresund Tunnel Contractors of: NCC, Sweden, Laing, Great Britain, Boskalis Westminster Dreding B.V., Netherlands, Dumez-GTM, France, E. Pihl & Søn, Denmark