Trouble-free Removal of Strand Anchors

Currently, a new headquarter is being built in Duesseldorf’s Medienhafen for trivago, the internet comparison portal for hotel prices. The six floor, rounded new building will accommodate approx. 2,000 employees on an area of 26,000m².

To stabilize the support girders consisting of U profiles as well as the bored pile wall for the excavation perimeter, removable DYWIDAG QuickEx® Strand Anchors were used as temporary tiebacks. The anchor strands could be detensioned by hand following the completion of construction work and then simply pulled out.

The anchors were installed at inclinations of 30 to 40° and had service loads of 442 to 576kN as well as proof loads of 734 to 810kN. To attain a sufficient load-bearing capacity of the anchor systems, grouting pressures of 5 to 15bar were applied.

In total, 203 removable Type 4-0.6" and 4-0.62", 17 to 27m long DYWIDAG QuickEx® Strand Anchors were installed in one anchor layer. Installation was carried out in soil characterized by backfill, high flood loam,sand, gravel and crushed rock. The temporary DYWIDAG QuickEx® Strand Anchors were perfectly suitable for this project due to their ease of removal.



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