Traffic relief for the Old Town of Chomutov

In recent years it has become a trend in the Czech Republic to relieve cities from continuously growing traffic by constructing outer ring roads.

After successful completion of the Ruzyne project, DSI Licencee SM 7 A.S., Prague, was awarded the contract to carry out the post-tensioning on the Chomutov bridge. Traffic in the city of Chomutov will now be relieved by construction of a new outer ring. As part of the project a 660 m long bridge consisting of two parallel single bridge structures are being built. A precast segmental concrete bridge design was chosen in order to complete the construction project in the shortest amount of time possible.

For this project 600 precast concrete segments were produced in a precast concrete products plant near Prague. Subsequently, the precast elements were delivered "just in time" to the site in Chomutov 120 km away on trains and flatbed trailers. The individual precast segments have a width of 14 m, a length of 2.2 m, a height of 3.0 m and a total weight of about 60 t each.

For this project a total of

  • 336 tons of Bonded DYWIDAG Strand Post-Tensioning Systems,

  • 162 tons of External DYWIDAG Post-Tensioning Systems and

  • 5.5 tons of transverse post-tensioning were supplied.

In addition, SM 7 A.S.assisted the JV by responding to their technical questions regarding the layout of the external post-tensioning tendons located inside the boxes and by providing technical details concerning the internal and external post-tensioning.

SupplyTechnical assistance

Liberec Highway Administration, Liberec, Czech Republic

SM 7 A.S., Prague, Czech Republic