Threadbars stabilize ATOM temporary bridge

The temporary bridge is defined as provisional bridge during construction of a permanent bridge. In consideration of traffic increase and insufficient road condition, the temporary bridge is required to be thin with long spans, and its construction method shall be prompt, safe and economic.

The ATOM method (ATOM stands for Assemblary Tension Beam Method) developed and constructed by a professional construction company, Steel Korea Co., Ltd., has been in the spotlight of local construction job sites as the most appropriate method in Korea. In cooperation with this company, annual supply amount of DSI Korea to the temporary bridge job sites has reached approximately 150 t (18,150 m) of DYWIDAG THREADBAR® Ø36 mm, St 900/1030, and accessories such as anchor plates, anchor nuts and bar couplers etc. The use of DYWIDAG products has made it possible to reduce construction costs and time,and it is anticipated that the sales volume will continue to increase every year.

As one of those temporary bridges,the temporary bridge for Chonam Bridge with a length of 45 x 20.0=900.0 meters and width of 8.0 meters was installed between July and December 2002. The job site installation with the frames pre-assembled at the factory reduced construction costs and shortened the construction period contributing to the growth of the district and to the prevention of public grievances due to cutting of traffic.

The work procedures of ATOM method carried by Steel Korea Co., Ltd. are as follows:


  • Production of H-Piles

  • Fabrication of various kinds of frames

  • Assembling bars & X-Bracing on the ground

  • Setting of the main girder

  • Installation of cross beam and

  • THREADBAR® tendon

  • Stressing of PT Bar tendon

  • Installation of deck plate.

Supply Technical assistance

Ministry of Maritime Affairs and Fishery, Seoul, South Korea

Steel Korea Co., Ltd., Seoul, South Korea