The world's first extradosed bridge with corrugated steel webs

The Himi Yume Bridge is a 3-span continuous extradosed prestressed concrete girder bridge with a centre span of 180 m, located near the future Nagasaki Interchange of the Trans-Kyushu Expressway, Japan. The major distinguishing features of the bridge are the corrugated steel webs in the main girder.This is the first bridge in the world to use this mode for a extradosed bridge structure. In addition the bridge is post-tensioned using external prestressing tendons only.

The combination of these features breaks new ground in bridge building technology.Therefore, comprehensive studies were conducted including FEM calculations, a half scale model load test on a 12 m long, back stayed girder of the type in question and wind tunnel testing.

Objectives and results of the investigations for the 12.95 m wide bridge structure were

  • girder depth constant: 4.0 m

  • width of hollow box single cell: approx.9 m

  • standard segment length: 6.4 m

  • material and configuration of diaphragms: structural steel

in combination with extradosed cable anchorages and external post-tensioning cable anchorages.For the free cantilever construction procedure, an ultra-large form traveller (10,000 kNm) was used, allowing significant savings in construction time and overall cost.

The bridge was successfully completed in 2004.

SupplyRental of stressing equipment

Japan Highway Public Corporation, Fukuoka, Japan

Sumitomo Mitsui Construction Co., Ltd., Zenitaka Corporation Joint Venture, Japan