The Nelson Mandela Bridge - A new landmark for Johannesburg

The city of Johannesburg is planning to upgrade its city center. The most outstanding project in their plan is the construction of a new bridge to be dedicated to Nelson Mandela. In order to provide an eye-catching structure for the city the structure was conceived as a stay cable bridge. The bridge will connect two city precincts currently separated by a large rail yard. Once completed it is expected that the bridge will soon develop into a new city land mark.

For the bridge structure a stay cable solution with a spine girder suspended from 52 stays fanning out from two twin towers was selected. The spans are 42 m, 176 m and 66 m, totalling 284 m. The width of the deck is 15 m. In both side spans concrete is used for the deck, however the main span is conceived as a composite section. The towers are in structural steel filled with concrete.

The stay cable sizes range from 19 to 55 strands Ø15.7 mm per cable with a total weight of 104t. For stay anchorages the DYNA Grip® System, i.e. anchorage without bond, was selected.

DSI's contract includes the supply of the complete stay cable system, the corresponding special installation and stressing equipment and the required technical support on the job site. The assembly and stay erection will be executed by DSI's Licencee in South Africa, AMALGAMATED STEELE, a division of construction group Grinaker-LTA Limited.

Assembly of stay cables started in July 2002 and extended until about December 2002. Opening of the bridge is scheduled for July 2003.

Rental of special equipmentSupplyInstallationTechnical assistance

The South African National Roads Agency Ltd.

Engineer NMB Consultants Consortium, Johannesburg, South Africa