Tendons ensure Fast Construction Cycles: The Al Atoom Center

The Al Atoom Center is a modern building complex on Al Gardens Street, one of the most popular shopping streets in Amman, Jordan. The ten story building includes offices, retail stores and underground garages and has a total floor area of 20,000m².

The building’s flat slabs were post-tensioned using DYWIDAG Monostrand Tendons. Post-tensioning with DYWIDAG Tendons is space saving and ensures very fast construction cycles due to the system’s efficiency. DSI supplied flat 3-0.5" and 5-0.5" MA Anchorages for the Al Atoom Center. The post-tensioning and grouting work was carried out using a Type SM 240 kN Monostrand Jack and a Type 77-193 hydraulic pump, both of which were supplied by DSI.

Thanks to DSI’s technical support, the project was successfully completed within a very short time frame.

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Mr. Mohammad Al Atoom, Jordan

Al Assriya Contracting Co., Jordan