Temporary Suspension Cables secure Construction of the Krka Arch-Bridge

The Krka arch-bridge in the Skradin-Sibenik section of the new highway from Zagreb to Split crosses a valley of the river Krka. The bridge is 391.5 m long with an arch span of 204 m. After the planned completion in June 2005, a 4-lane highway will cross the river at a height of 64 m. The 22.56 m wide superstructure is constructed utilizing a prefabricated composite steel deck.

The arch bridge with a cross-section of 10 x 3 m is constructed by the free-cantilever method in 5.20 m sections.

Beginning with at the spring line, the free-cantilever construction of the arch was built symmetrically, with the continuously growing arch halves suspended in sections by temporary cables located on the shore piers.

Two auxiliary piers will subsequently be erected on the watersides in order to be able to support the increasing weight of the arch halves up to and including the final phase when the arch halves will be approaching the crown height. The cables will be removed after completion of the bridge.

DSI is participating in this project by the supplying Temporary DYWIDAG Suspension Cables, DYWIDAG Multistrand Anchors as well as the rental of prestressing equipment.

SupplyRental of prestressing equipment

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