Technology gets you there faster

One of the key structures in the new rail line is the Padulicella Viaduct. It consists of 32 spans of 24 m width. The super-structure consists of four prefabricated prestressed concrete box girders each with a height of 2 m, which were prestressed by means of transversal tensioning over the entire length of 3.5 km.

This structure has span widths of up to 43.2 m which marks a record for freely supported prestressed concrete girders for the Italian State Railways. The post-tensioning consists of 12 tendons type 27-0.6" each placed into a 110 mm steel duct and anchored by MA multiplane anchorages. The tendons were symmetrically stressed about the neutral axis of the girder by two 6,800 kN jacks. Extended pulling heads allowed simultaneous stressing of two tendons to approximately 503 tonnes transfer force per tendon.

Sealing caps were tightly mounted onto the anchorages to allow vacuum grouting of the tendons with a minimum of 200 millibars.


TAV Spa, Italien