Technology for LNG Tanks

South Korea, one of the fastest growing world economies is not gifted with natural energy resources. About 80% of the country’s total energy supply is imported.

In order not to depend on one resource only (petrol) and to improve the percentage of environmentally clean energy, i.e. of liquefied natural gas, the Government decided to improve the national supply of LNG by investing in a total of three LNG Terminals, spread equally over the peninsula.

LNG is imported from overseas by special vessels. Restrictions in the available size and locations in the country required import terminals with the latest and safest technology to build and operate the plants.

Considering this requirements the selection of full-containment tanks, i.e. tanks with a prestressed outer concrete tank and roof and an inner 9%-nickel steel tank, has been the natural solution. LNG is one of the safest and most economical energy sources that can satisfy the requirements of an economy that has great potential and high demand for energy in a limited area where people and industry have to coincide.

DSI Korea, DYWIDAG International GmbH (DIG) and DSI Munich jointly participated in the construction of ten LNG Tanks at the Inchon Terminal near Seoul between 1993 and 1999, and continued their successful cooperation at the 3rd LNG Terminal project in South Korea, located near Tong Young at the south-east coast of the peninsula starting from 2000.

After participating in the construction of tanks 3, 4 and 5, DSI and DIG are at present participating in the execution of tanks 6 and 7 and were recently awarded the contract for tanks 8, 9 and 10.

Over the last 12 years DIG has executed a large number of LNG Tanks together with various DSI branches.

This cooperation has provided not only superior quality material and equipment, but also high technology.

Putting the advantages of the two companies together has been a large factor in the decision making criteria to win the LNG Tank projects in Korea and elsewhere.

Therefore, DSI Korea and DIG will also cooperate in future projects of this type.

Rental of equipmentSupply

Korea Gas Corporation, Kyunggi, South Korea

Tank 1, 2 & 3 Obayashi Corp. Tokyo, JapanTank 4 & 5 DYWIDAG International GmbH, Munich, Germany Tank 6 & 7 KoGAS Engineering Corp., Kyunggi, South Korea