Systems used for expansion of the Madrid-Barajas Airport

The current expansion works at the Madrid-Barajas Airport include the construction of a new terminal area, a new parking structure as well as the redesign of the corresponding approach spans. The new terminal area consists of two buildings: the terminal building and an auxiliary building, the so-called "satellite" building.. DYWIDAG Sistemas Constructivos (DSC) participated in the construction of the auxiliary building and the construction of the access bridges to the new terminal site.

The execution time for the strand stressing operation in the 287,400 m2 auxiliary building was scheduled to be one year and three months. DSI supplied more than 900 anchorages types MA and MKR with 15 strands, more than 70 anchorages with 27 strands and about 38,000 m of sheathing.

Altogether approx. 500 t of strands were used. At peak times up to six workers were on site, and up to 12 pieces of pushing equipment, prestressing jacks and grout injection pumps were used. In addition, 11 bridges, which serve as access roads, were built for the new terminal building. DSC supplied 370 t prestressing steel, 415 anchorages with 12/19/27 strands as well as 16,200 m of metal sheathing. The work was completed within one year.

After the opening of the new terminal, the Barajas Airport will have a capacitiy of 70 million passengers per year.

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