Supply of Specialized Products for New Ocean Road

On Réunion Island in the Western Indian Ocean, the strategically important ocean road RN1 linking the commercial port to the administrative capital and the international airport has been repeatedly affected by ocean submersion and landslides. Since the road is of decisive economic importance, the decision to build a new road was made in 2010.

The new, 12.5km long and 28.9m wide section includes the 5.4km long Littoral Viaduct that is located 20-30m above sea level. The 240m long La Grande Chaloupe Viaduct and the new La Possession Interchange also form part of this section.

For the main part of the route, the Littoral Viaduct, 48 piles were erected and 1,386 precast segments will be produced in a precast plant located in the port. With 300,000m³ of concrete and 38,000t of steel used, the viaduct is France’s largest viaduct located in the ocean. The La Grande Chaloupe Viaduct was built directly on the sea construction site. It required 23,000t of steel and 15,000m3 of concrete.

To ensure a 100 year performance of the structures, the porosity, diffusion of chloride ions, gas permeability and compression strength of the Laroche® concrete spacers used were tested in connection with the technical support of Technique Béton. Consequently they were approved for use on this project.

These concrete spacers are perfectly suitable for use with heavy reinforcing steel bars because of their stability and strength. Furthermore, the spacers can resist seawater and water containing a high degree of sulphate.

Up to now, 19,520 boxes of Laroche® concrete spacers have been installed in the structures of the new ocean road. This included 4,150 boxes of SUFA and 15,370 boxes of SUSFA PP Spacers. The supply will continue for the next 3 years. Furthermore, mould release agents and curing compound by Technique Béton were used at the La Grande Chaloupe Viaduct.

DSI Artéon is supporting this major project throughout the complete construction phase with technical expertise and is supplying its anchoring system and formwork accessories. Up to now, 10,000m of form ties, 10,000 nuts and the fixing system with 1,500 shear cones and 10,000 anchor feet have been supplied.

Technique Béton and DSI Artéon are proud to contribute to this important infrastructure project by supplying their high quality products.


Regional Council of La Réunion, France