Structural Repair of Strada Statale 34: Anchors stabilize a retaining wall at Lake Maggiore

The Strada Statale 34 del Lago Maggiore is a 39km long road in northwestern Italy that runs along the shore of Lake Maggiore near the Swiss border.

Within the scope of the structural repair and stabilization of SS 34 between kilometers 29+000 and 39+000, in addition to several repair and strengthening measures, the road was leveled and the shoulder was stabilized.

This project also included the construction of a reinforced concrete retaining wall that was built in front of an old stone wall near the town of Cannobio. In this area, the road runs immediately adjacent to Lake Maggiore, and the stone wall drops down towards the lake nearly vertically.

The new retaining wall was planned with a variable overhang of up to 3.5m. Passive rock bolts were installed in up to 3 levels to tie back the wall. DYWIT supplied 3,700m of double corrosion protected, St 670/800, 25, 28 and 35mm Ø GEWI®Plus Anchors for this purpose.

Once the tied-back anchor wall had been finished, a faux masonry facing consisting of prefabricated slabs was installed on the lake side. The rock bolts and prefabricated slabs were installed using cantilevered scaffolds.

In sections in which the road had to be widened towards the lake beyond the retaining wall, an additional reinforcement of the wall was required within the scope of construction work. In these areas, the new retaining wall also serves as an abutment for the roadway slab that cantilevers towards the lake.

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