Stay Cable System for Lipon bridge

In connection with the new construction of highway No. 3 a rest stop was built near Lampala, about 10 km south of Tampere. Safe access from the highway necessitated the construction of a new bridge structure. For aesthetic reasons the building authority chose a stay cable bridge.

The bridge is composed of a main span with a length of 70 m and a 43 m long end span. The width of the bridge is 11.5 m. The main span is carried by seven stay cables that radiate in a fan pattern from a 40 m high single pylon on one stay plane. Another six cables connect the pylon to the abutment behind it.

Bridge deck and pylon are both reinforced concrete.

The size of the DYNA Grip® Stay Cable System incorporated into this structure vary between 37 and 61 Ø15.7 mm strands per cable, with an overall weight of 37 t. The cables are encased in white HDPE sheathing.

The contract included the complete delivery of DYNA Bond® Stay Cable System, the supply of special cable installation and stressing equipment as well as job-site assistance. The installation work was carried out by the general contractor in cooperation with DSI's Finnish Licencee TENSICON.

The Lipon stay cable bridge is Finland's first concrete cable-stayed bridge . The project was successfully complete and opened for traffic in 2001.

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Finnish National Road Administration, Finland