Stay Cable Bridge for Modern Korean Housing Development

The city of Gimpo near Seoul is located in the province of Gyeonggi, the most populous province of South Korea. As the housing situation in the province is very tight due to the density of population, the government has been funding the construction of new residential developments.

The Gimpo-Yangchon Residential Land Development Project is one of these modern urban developments.

The project includes a total of 743 apartments that will considerably enhance living conditions in Gimpo.

The new housing development had to be connected to neighboring districts by the construction of new roads. One of the most important elements of the new road system was the construction of a small stay cable bridge over the new district’s main road designed to connect the development to other districts.

The owner, “The Korea Land & Housing Corporation (LH)” decided to use the DYNA Bond® Stay Cable System as an economic solution for the new stay cable bridge. DSI supplied a total of 16 Type DB-P27 DYNA Bond® Stay Cables and 4 Type DB-P37 DYNA Bond® Stay Cables as well as the special equipment necessary for cable installation.

During installation, the site was supported by a qualified and experienced DSI technician. DSI is pleased to have played a significant role in the construction of a new stay cable bridge that is now a landmark for the new district and visible from afar.

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The Korea Land & Housing Corporation (LH), Sungnam-Si, Korea SA