Soil Nails stabilize Embankments along the Dual Track Expansion

The railway line between Weimar and Gera is part of the 517km long connection between Paderborn and Chemnitz, which is also known as Mitte-Deutschland-Verbindung (connection through the middle of Germany).

The 66km section between Weimar and Gera is being expanded in order to improve the connection of eastern Thuringia to the future Intercity Express train hub in Erfurt. The newly electrified section will allow trains to travel at a maximum speed of 160km/h. Work includes the construction of 30km of track, 6 switch systems, 11 overpasses and the rehabilitation of several stations.

In some places, the existing track bed had to be relocated in order to make room for the second track. Several retaining walls had to be strengthened and embankments had to be stabilized within the scope of this project. To stabilize the embankments and existing bridge abutments along the train route, double corrosion protected GEWI® Soil Nails were installed. 6,800m of 25mm Ø GEWI® Soil Nails, 400m of 32mm Ø GEWI® Soil Nails and 2,400m of 40mm Ø GEWI® Soil Nails were used for this purpose.

Installation was made difficult by the partly restricted workspace due to fact that the existing track remained in operation during construction work. Consequently, dust formation during drilling had to be avoided to the greatest possible extent. The contractor was very satisfied with the soil nail system with proven quality provided by DSI Germany.


DB Netz AG, Germany

Jähnig GmbH Felssicherung & Zaunbau, Germany

GS-Ingenieure Germer & Schmahlfeldt Ingenieurpartnerschaft für das Bauwesen, Germany